Wanna try a fun experiment?

Ask for recommendations for a photographer on Facebook. I guarantee within 20 minutes you'll have at least 20 different options!

Go ahead... I'll wait.

And if you're on the hunt for a wedding photographer, I'm sure you've realized by now that the choices are overwhelming! But never fear. I'm hear to help you in your search with a few tips for finding your PERFECT wedding photographer!

  1. What is their editing style? Do you love bright, airy images, but their portfolio showcases a lot of dark moody photos? Or do you love black and whites, but see none represented in their gallery? Please don't hire a wedding photographer whose images don't match your vision for your photos. Find a photographer whose work you love from the get-go!
  2. Can they deliver consistent results? Ask to see examples of full weddings that they have shot. Would you be pleased if you were the recipient of those finished galleries? If they cannot show you full galleries with consistent images (correct lighting, focus is correct, colors of the finished photos are consistent, etc) then I would suggest reconsidering.
  3. What kind of gear do they shoot with? Ask them if they shoot with a full frame or a crop frame camera. Do they have a backup camera? How well are they set up to shoot in low lighting scenarios? Although you don't need to understand all of the technical aspects of photography, a wedding photographer should be able to confidently explain to you how they will handle the different lighting scenarios and challenges that your wedding day may present to them.
  4. Are they insured? Guys. I'm a licensed insurance agent. It may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but IT'S A BIG DEAL if your photographer has insurance or not. For so many reasons! In fact, some venues may require them to be insured before they are even allowed to shoot your wedding in the first place, so please ask them about their insurance!!!
  5. What are their prices? Obviously you want to know if you can afford their services. But also take into consideration how low their prices are. If their prices seem too good to be true, ask more questions!!! How many weddings have they shot? How long have they been in business? Can you see some referrals? And if you haven't asked to see those completed wedding galleries yet, now's the time!
  6. Do they have a contract? I feel like this is fairly self explanatory. Contracts protect both you and your photographer! It outlines how payment works, the terms of their service, and covers any legal issues that might arise between the two of you. If a photographer doesn't have a contract that safeguards both them and you, please consider booking another photographer.
  7. What's included in their packages? I'll be honest. Until recently, I didn't offer print products. I shot a wedding, handed over some digital files, and called it a day. But I've since realized that I was doing a disservice to my clients by not offering print products in their wedding packages. Most clients let their wedding photos sit on a flash drive or CD (I'm dating myself, aren't I?) and take weeks, months, or even years to get them printed. And inevitably that flash drive gets lost or misplaced... I still offer digital files with my wedding packages, but I also include prints and albums so that my clients have amazing artwork from a reputable print company (Pleeeeeease don't print your wedding photos at Walmart- just say no!). As an artist, I feel so much better knowing that I've given my clients quality artwork that can be displayed for generations to come.

Phew! We covered a lot of ground, but I promise it's all important stuff! I hope you find these tips helpful as you're searching for that PERFECT wedding photographer!

(And if you've checked out my portfolio and think we might be a photographer/client match made in heaven, shoot me a message and let's chat about your big day!!)!