They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

And if that's the case, Patrick and Lacie are going to have the BEST marriage ever!!! The rain moved in on their wedding day, but they took everything in stride, smiled, and refused to let the weather put a damper on this amazing celebration!

Patrick and Lacie got married at The Springs. This gorgeous Tulsa venue has indoor and outdoor accommodations, and has a gorgeous view of the lake. The rain moved their ceremony indoors, but we still managed to sneak outdoors between rain bursts to grab a few shots here and there.

I'm so excited to finally share a few of the images from their wedding day with y'all!

Side Note: People assume that a photographer spends all of their time shooting and having fun. Shooting is only a very small part of what we do. A typical wedding day produces a LOT of images to review, cull, edit, and fine tune. Can you guess how many photos were taken of Patrick and Lacie's wedding between my second shooter and I???

(If you guessed around 1500 you'd be correct!)

Only a fraction of those images are kept and delivered to my clients, however. After spending several hours deciding which photos are the best of the best, I'll then spend some seriously late nights pouring over my edits (It's one AM right now. haha). Sometimes I'll edit and re-edit a photo 3 or 4 times until I'm happy with the final result. I'm not a perfectionist though. Not me. Haha.

Patrick and Lacie, I hope you love this small sneak peek as much as I'm loving editing them! I'll have the rest headed your way soon!!!