But God said "Wait".

Sweet Baby Baker... His Mommy and Daddy have waited a long time to wrap their hearts around this sweet little man!

Baker is what most of us would call a "Rainbow Baby." His momma, Megan, has poured her heart out working as a labor and delivery nurse for the past few years, all the while struggling to be able to carry a baby herself. A few weeks after Baker was born, Megan posted their story on Facebook. Knowing that she summed up her journey far better than I ever could, I asked permission to share what she wrote,

"10 years of infertility, miscarriage, infertility treatments, multiple doctors and tests, possible adoptions that never happened... We were told it may never happen. OR we were told that it may take tens of thousands of dollars to have a child.

We were about to give up. But God said, wait....

Then we found the right doctor. We started new fertility treatments, but were told to be cautious with our hopes and encouraged to do advanced treatments. But when we got pregnant on the first try with less interventions than planned, we were ecstatic!

But, the hcg levels weren’t rising like they should (again). And when a 48 hour draw showed only a 30% rise in 48 hours (science shows this should be incompatible with life) the office called and told us the pregnancy wasn’t viable. They stopped my medicine that was meant to sustain the pregnancy (which should have resulted in miscarriage), and told me to come in after the weekend to make sure I wouldn’t need to surgically remove an ectopic pregnancy.

We mourned through the weekend. But God said, wait....

At the doctor appointment, the nurse practitioner was shocked to find an age appropriate gestational sac in the uterus, and we were shocked to find out my hcg has tripled over the weekend. The doctors immediately started me back on my medicine, but warned us to be cautiously hopeful. At the next appointment, there was a heartbeat!! 

We then switched doctors due to insurance concerns, and found out my TSH was 40 (and could have easily resulted in miscarriage). 

I then went on, with the help of my prayer warriors, to have an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy AND delivery! Even though I was paranoid and had trouble placing my faith in God during the following 30 weeks! 

We are SO in love with our miracle, rainbow little boy that science said shouldn’t exist!!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."