A Birth Session at St Francis Hospital

Sarah and Jason contacted me a few months ago about documenting the birth of their daughter and I was eager to oblige! (Have I mentioned a million times that I LOVE birth photography???). Sarah delivered at St Francis Hospital in Tulsa, and she was literally a dream client! This sweet little lady made a fairly quick appearance, and I got to spend a few hours just documenting her getting to know her mama and daddy.

Covid-19 saw the introduction of very stringent hospital rules and visitor policies. It brought birth photography to a complete halt for quite some time. Some hospitals are beginning to allow two visitors into the delivery room with them, and more and more parents are reaching out to me as their second visitor, simply to have those moments documented to share with all the family that would otherwise have been present to witness it. (And although I so miss photographing the introduction of older siblings to their new baby, I do love being able to see all of the uninterrupted snuggles and bonding that now takes place in the "golden hour" right after baby is born, so I'm counting my blessings!)

There are millions of tiny moments on the day your child is born. I was able to document Sarah reaching out to touch her sweet girl for the first time, Jason holding her for the first time, and so much more... I'm always grateful when clients allow me to witness these huge milestones in their lives and trust me enough to document it for them. Thank you both again for an amazing day!