Getting Married? It's usually a given that you're going to hire a photographer to document your wedding day.

Celebrating baby's first birthday? It's also not abnormal to hire a photographer to capture your little one with their head buried in cake.

There are dozens of reasons and occasions to hire a photographer. But today I want to focus on an area of photography that most people have never considered...

Birth Photography

Often, when I start talking about Birth sessions, I'm met with a raised eyebrow and a curious look. Many people have never even heard of birth photography, let alone considered hiring a photographer to document their own delivery.

So: I'm here today to answer a few questions.

  • What is Birth Photography?
  • Birth photography is a documentary session of your child's entrance into the world. I follow- from start to finish- the progression of your labor, the delivery of your child, and the first few hours after your child's birth.

  • Why should I hire a photographer to document my birth?
  • So many reasons!!! The birth of your child rivals your wedding day in terms of new memories and raw emotions. But many mothers remember very few details of such an important day. (They are, after all, just a little bit preoccupied).
  • Hiring a photographer to come to the hospital and take pictures of your child's delivery ensures that those moments are frozen in time. The pain- then the great joy- of delivery... The comforting hand of your husband... The moment you first hold your sweet baby... I'm there to make sure those memories don't fade.

  • What should I expect when I hire you as my birth photographer?
  • If you have hired me to shoot your birth, I am on-call for you in the weeks leading up to your delivery. I try to keep frequent contact so that I am prepared and ready to head to the hospital at a moments' notice (even if it's at two in the morning.)
  • During your labor, I will be walking about the room snapping photos. During this time, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible. I welcome chatting with you and getting to know you and your family throughout the day, but I am also well aware that there are many moments where you will simply not feel like talking.
  • When it comes time for delivery, I really spring into action! I will get situated in "my spot" (think Sheldon Cooper, for all you Big Bang Theory Fans)- usually behind the head of the bed- and snap away! From the time the doctor catches your baby, to the time you are first able to see them, to the breathtaking moment when you hold them... I will be clicking.
  • Finally, I will capture the excitement in the hours following delivery. From the baby's initial measurements to meeting the family, I will be there to make sure we don't miss those precious moments.

Below is a small sample of a finished session. Please enjoy these sweet photos of the day that Daniel and Kimberlynn welcomed their baby boy, Gideon, into the world.