I want to take a moment to introduce you all to my friend Cheryl!

Cheryl is a doula serving the Tulsa area (check out her website and read more about her here). We met last month and our mutual passions for all things birth and babies just clicked! We had a long chat about birth services, my role as a birth photographer, her role as a doula... And a huge part of our discussion was how we as birth workers could rethink the way we help support and document this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Fact: If there is any positive takeaway from 2020 it’s that we have had to learn how to get creative in the middle of ever-changing plans!

For most of you, the current season of hospital rules and restrictions was not a part of your plan for bringing your baby into the world. Some of you have anticipated being surrounded by the support of family and friends, with a photographer present to capture the amazing moments leading up to and including your baby’s birth and are now unsure what your next steps are.

To help simplify things and to ease the financial strain for some of our mamas who have been blindsided by 2020 (but still want an amazing birth experience!) Cheryl and I are running a special for our combined services!!! We will be teaming up to provide a combination of in-person and virtual Doula support PLUS professional photography for our expectant moms.

What this package includes:

Doula Support:

  •  Facilitation of your birth vision as far as it is safely possible within the circumstances of your labor and delivery, including but not limited to comfort measures, movement, positioning, or almost anything else that feels supportive to you
  • Working with your partner (if applicable) to establish and maintain a peaceful and positive environment
  • Working with the staff and providers to establish rapport and to ensure that you have enough information to make informed decisions about your care
  • Option to provide a "virtual waiting room" experience to your choice of family members and friends in light of visitor restrictions at most hospitals​
  • A visit to your home shortly after you and baby leave the hospital.

Photography Services:

  • Documentary-style photography of your labor and delivery experience at your hospital, home, or birthing center.
  • In the event that I cannot attend your birth due to your facility's COVID-19 restrictions, I will instead document as much of your labor as possible in your home before you go to the hospital, and offer a "Homecoming" session in lieu of your delivery photos.
  • Homecoming sessions may include the following:
  • Parents pulling in the driveway with baby
  • Meeting siblings and fur-siblings for the first time
  • Meeting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family and friends
  • Baby in their nursery for the first time
  • First baths
  • First feedings
  • Cutting off hospital bracelets
  • Any other firsts that might accompany bringing home a new baby from the hospital

If you purchase these services separately, you would spend upwards of 900 dollars. For our upcoming special, Cheryl and I are offering Doula PLUS Photography services for the price of $600.

Availability is limited. Contact us now to book!