January was a BUSY month for Kari Barrett Photography!

I literally started 2021 with a camera in my hand. Steven and Paige's glitter-filled NYE wedding was so much fun! If you missed my blog post with lots of fun pictures, you can check it out here.

Mid-January I shot a "Little Black Book" Boudoir Marathon. Literally, an entire weekend of shooting boudoir in the cutest little boutique hotel in downtown Tulsa! Most of these boudoir sessions are meant to be Valentines gifts, so it will probably be February before you actually see any photos shared from those sessions, but lemme tell ya, all of my clients ROCKED IT!!!

(PS: Boudoir sessions will be happening again in May. Tell your friends! Haha.)

Finally, I launched a new package designed for small business owners! As a small business owner myself, I love the idea of giving other small business owners tools that will help them grow their business! This social media bundle was designed to help business owners create fresh content for their social media platforms. Through the end of March I'm running a Small Business Special. For $200 you get the following:

  • 2 headshots per employee
  • Group photos
  • 40 social media/branding photos
  • A spotlight interview on my blog (check out my gals at PC Hair Company here!)

On a personal note...

I swore I would never do a Keto diet. Never, ever, nuh-uh, nope. BUT, here I am, living the Keto life since November. (I waited until the day after my birthday in November to start because... well, cake!) So far I'm down 25 pounds and as of this week I'm finally back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! Woot woot!

I also said I wasn't going to set any resolutions for 2021. But I decided a few weeks into January that I did want to try reading my Bible through in a year.

Now, to be fair, I set this goal every year and fail, but who knows??? Maybe this is my year!

I ordered a Chronological Bible that's broken up into 365 readings. (This is the Bible I'm using.) So it's like I'm actually reading through the events of the Bible from start-to-finish. So far, so good!

Tell me about your January! Wins? Losses? Moments to celebrate???