Tackling a Project 365...

In mid-April, my dear friend Hollie suggested that we attempt a Project 365.

A Project 365 is exactly what it sounds like- a project where you take a photo every day for an entire year. Which doesn't sound that hard... Except that it kind of is! Haha.

I hesitated at first. I've attempted Project 365's before- and they've usually ended up being closer to a Project 15! I would start strong, but after a few weeks it just fell to the side. This go-round it has been different. Having a friend to keep me accountable to shoot every day has made a WORLD of difference. I'm proud to say that I just finished Day 86 and still going strong- and I'm LOVING the memories that I'm capturing of my family along the way!

Hollie has also been encouraging me to blog and share some of my favorites from this project on a monthly basis- lots of positive peer pressure! Since we started way back in April, this post is a bit of an over-share, but I'm excited to share more and more with you as I progress! (Most of these are photos of the one child that hasn't figured out he can run away from the camera yet!)

And if you want to check out Hollie's gorgeous work from her 365, visit her most recent blog post here!