Let's talk about your boudoir session...

For starters, let's talk about what Boudoir photography IS and what Boudoir photography IS NOT:

  • Number ONE: Boudoir Photography DOES NOT require nudity!!!
  • I cannot stress this enough!!!  At no point throughout the session will I ever ask you to fully undress or put you in an uncomfortable position. YOU set the boundaries for your session.
  • Boudoir Photography is not pornography. I hear this all the time and I just want to set the record straight. I offer my clients a classy, sensational gift to give their significant others. To be frank, if you have something more edgy in mind, I'm not the photographer for you and I'll be happy to find a referral for a photographer that would be a better fit for the vision you have for your session.
  • Boudoir Photography IS flirtatious and a bit provocative.
  • Finally, Boudoir Photography IS empowering!!

Now, let's address some of the most frequently asked questions about these sessions!

What do I wear?

  • Choose clothes that make you feel both sexy and confident! 
  • Be as conservative- or as scandalous- as you feel! Teddies, bra/panty sets, fun cosplay outfits, and skimpy nighties are incredibly popular choices. Short dresses, robes, and cute, cozy sweaters are also just as provocative in their own way!
  • I recommend 3-4 outfits. (Too many outfits and you will spend more time changing your clothes than actually having your photo taken.)
  • Bring a few accessories for each outfit to spice things up a little. (We will talk more about this).
  • Keep in mind that jeans, pants, tights, etc can leave indentions on your skin. I totally recommend wearing something LOOSE on your way to the session. Wearing sweats to your photography session is 100% acceptable!

What accessories should I bring?

  • This is where you can have some fun and express yourself! 
  • Do you own sexy shoes that you can barely walk in? (Or maybe you're more of a Converse type of girl.) Now is the PERFECT time to bring those shoes out and let them be seen in a different light!
  • Bring a shirt that belongs to him. (Button-down shirts over a lacy bra/panty combo are sure to get his mind racing!)
  • Does he love sports? Bring a jersey for a team that he loves!
  • Let's get creative! I've done photos with guitars, pearl necklaces, sentimental quilts, and more. Grab hats. Grab his army jacket. Grab his police badge. Grab a framed picture of him. The sky is the limit!

I really want to book, but I'm so self-conscious. Be honest- how uncomfortable is this?

I pinkie-promise, Boudoir sessions are actually SO MUCH FUN!  99% percent of my clients leave with a "Oh that wasn't nearly as scary as I'd imagined it." or "Wow, I actually feel SO good about myself right now!" I love seeing women come out of these sessions with a fresh realization of how fierce their femininity can really be!

And it's fun!!! We laugh. We eat chocolate. We do our hair and makeup. (Did I mention WE.HAVE.FUN!)

To add an extra level of comfort, I would also suggest bringing a friend with you. My clients who are the most comfortable- and who have the most fun- are the ones who bring their best friends or sisters with them! Not only does having someone familiar in the room help ease your nerves, but you know that they will be forthcoming with you about your hair and makeup. (And it's also nice to have a second set of hands to help you with wardrobe changes!)

I'm carrying too much extra weight/I have areas of my body that I am uncomfortable having photographed. Can you photoshop me?

While I do basic retouching on your photos (color corrections, airbrushing small skin flaws, lighting adjustments, etc), I do not offer extensive editing services on these pictures. (In a nutshell, I won't give you plastic surgery via Photoshop.) I want these photos to be an authentic representation of your true beauty!!

With that being said, keep in mind that I know the art of posing! (That's the beauty of hiring a professional.)  I am able to pose and photograph you in a way that flatters all your best features. Please talk to me about any areas of your body that you are uncomfortable with having photographed before your shoot and we will tailor your session to fit your vision!