Taylor and Skye are one of my favorite couples! They're are so laid back, and always up for anything I ask of them!

It's been a year since their wedding. (A WHOLE YEAR!!!) Crazy how time flies! So we decided it was time for an anniversary shoot. We did their session at The Cross on the Prairie in Adair, (which is one of my favorite locations to shoot- so much pretty tall grass and landscaping). And best of all, they brought their Siberian Husky, Delilah, along!

Their shoot went perfectly... except right at the beginning when I almost stepped on a snake... I don't think I cussed out loud, but I was saying lots of choice words in my head! Haha. That thing was a monster!

(Okay. It really wasn't that big. But it's embarrassing to tell everyone that I almost peed my pants because of a cute little black and yellow snake that wasn't any longer than my foot...)

Happy anniversary to one of the cutest couples I know!